Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday, November 8, 2009

formalformalformalformalformalformal. ;D

so hey.

ive decided that every conversation i have with my friends, seems to turn around to talking about formal. now it may have something to do with the fact that we were already mentioning clothes, which led to dresses, which leads to formal dresses. maybe that we talk about boys, which led to boyfriends, which leads to dates for formal. maybe we talk about someone getting their license, which led to cars, which leads to rides for formal.

but honestly, i think we just like being giddy teenage girls :)

seriously ive decided the countdown has offically begun...



Friday, November 6, 2009

my bucket list.

so i know im only seventeen and i am completely aware that i have my entire life ahead of me but i am a strong believer in living my life to the fullest and not letting moments pass you by.

this being said, a few months back i comprised my 'bucket list'. it contains things that i want to accomplish before i 'kick the bucket'.
i am extremely happy to say i have accompished something on my list already!! (and i am soon to accomplish a few more.)

im sure i will add more when i think of them, but here is my bucket list as of now. :)

my bucket list:

[]change someone’s life, for the better
[]go to more concerts
[]meet the jonas brothers
[]go zorbing
[]make someone’s day, everyday
[]laugh when I feel like crying
[]share my thoughts openly
[]win something from the radio
[]graduate and conquer the world
[]attend byu provo
[]get to theas graduation
[]be the belle of a ball
[]bungee jump in new zealand
[]make my mummy & daddy proud
[]get a cast
[]travel europe
[]learn a foreign language
[]be an extra in a movie
[]eat snails
[]snorkel the great barrier reef
[]go to ny
[]have something named after me
[]read every jane austen novel
[]invent something amazing
[]paint a picture of my saviour
[X]climb a mountain
[]spend a night star gazing on the beach
[]attend temples across the world
[]go on a road trip
[]find my very own prince charming
[]live happily ever after

please comment with adds if you thought of something i didnt! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the end of an era.

well, this week has been full of 'lasts'- although i know this next month will hold more.

wednesday was my last lesson and seminary. and today was my last day ever. im filled with a sense of melancholy as this era ends, i look forward to the next one that lies not so far around the corner. i start summer institute next week!

I have loved seminary. it has begun my love for the scriptures. im grateful for the spirit i felt each day.

im glad i could have such an enjoyable 4 years, that have helped me everyday. ill sure miss the upliftment each morning. but i know that because of seminary i can continue to learn more each time i read my scriptures.

im so thankful for my amazing seminary teacher, sis muir. shes taught me from the very begining, so much. im forever grateful for her insight and inspiring lessons and stories. i love you!

i have a testimony of seminary and the power of diligent scripture study. i know that when we follow the Lords example, we cant go wrong. i know the scriptures are the word of God, and are here today for us to read! im sad to leave, but grateful for the time i had. i love my Saviour and i know he is proud of me when i make righteous choices.